Everybody’s Got Something to Hide ‘Cept for Me and My …


There are times in life where you need to take a risk. This is one of those times …

Last week we held ForgeRock’s Exec Team offsite in Bristol, UK. We spent the days discussing ForgeRock strategy and in the evenings we socialized. (A great attribute of the Bristol office is that the basement has been converted into a cozy pub with working tap!)

As the evening progressed a guitar appeared and CEO Mike Ellis was caught playing a nifty, impromptu riff. Although intended for a small group of listeners, I could not resist sharing this secret clip with the greater ForgeRock community.

For me, the clip is a reflection on what life is like at ForgeRock. Beyond IAM, we have talented people from all over the world — Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Writers, etc. Mike, Lasse and team have done a great job recruiting the “best of the best” and it not only makes our end product better, but also makes life at ForgeRock so much more fun.

Can’t wait until we catch Mike singing next. Maybe we’ll find out he’s a Soprano!?!?! Apologies in advance Mike!