The Return of the Smoking Monkey

Last night I had drinks with Don Smith from Dell. He reminded me that a long, long time ago … in an Identity galaxy far, far away … I worked at Sun Microsystems and wrote a personal blog called The Smoking Monkey. The blog was a place where I could offer personal reflections on my experiences in the world of Identity & Access Management (IAM) and share my opinions on where I felt the industry was headed.

Talking with Don, I was reminded of the joy I received from blogging about IAM and engaging other interesting people (Metadaddy, xmgrrl, Ian Glazer, etc) in creative dialogue.

Thus, I have decided to revive The Smoking Monkey and start blogging again about IAM. Being at ForgeRock (next gen IAM for consumer-facing mission critical apps), I plan to write about what I’m seeing in the industry and how I think the industry needs to be reinvented. I want to call out where I see traditional industry thinking holding innovation back and push, push, push for change, change, change (in my subtly endearing way).

Thanks Don for inspiring me to revive the Smoking Monkey! Wocka Wocka!